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BitcoinV is a more decentralized form of Bitcoin and a new kind of money

The distribution of full node wallets with attached miners measure the true decentralization of a blockchain. Currently, Bitcoin has five pools that surpass 51% of the hashing power. This means that five wallets control Bitcoin! Bitcoin could become more decentralized if it used the VBR feature, however this would result in a hard fork.

The Variable Block Reward (VBR) feature is the engine behind promoting more decentralization. Allowing miners to choose the block reward that they want to mine for give them the ability to become greedy. As miners turn the block reward very high and to the maximum payout, they mirror mining with playing the LOTTERY. As we all know, the buyers of LOTTERY tickets are very decentralized and scattered across the world as they hope to win the JACKPOT. Simply bringing greed to a blockchain naturally turns it into a decentralized network. Miners around the world will grab a wallet and SOLO mine to try and hit the big payout.

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