Blacer Coin – BLCR

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BlacerCoin (BLCR) has been created in order to support beginning but also fully-professional gamers. BlacerCoin is going to have real value thanks to Blacer Platform in which the players around the world could create own profiles and watch thier game statistic, personaly value as progamers like have football and other sport players, also a players could get their salary through this platform and BlacerShop, in which it will be possible to exchange BLCR for digital games, PC hardware, esport clothing and more! Additionally, everyone will be able to join Blacer Team and take part in various tournaments and and earn your first money as gamer! To expand the usecases of BlacerCoin, advertising and game publisher options will also be available for all businesses!

Asset Name and TickerBlacer Coin (BLCR)
CommunityDiscord, Telegram
Source CodeGithub