Castle – CSTL

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It’s difficult for new crypto currencies to find new users to accept and download their crypto coin wallets to operate nodes on their crypto coin network. As well as captivate those users to join their social media accounts such as Twitter, Telegram, or Discord. We have created a platform where users and project developers can coexist and benefit from each other through social media interaction and airdrops in a seamless way.

Castle is proud to announce that Castle holders will receive multiple coins and tokens, via upcoming snapshots, for the benefit of the Castle Community. This will be through the two products that have launched from Castle:

Axioms: The automated airdrop, interactive platform with future, utility erc20 token –

Crypto Incubator: A launchpad for crypto innovators –

Asset Name and TickerCastle (CSTL)
CommunityDiscord, Telegram
Source CodeGithub